With the release of Ashanti’s new album “The Declaration” in stores June 3rd 2008, the grammy Winning Recording Artist launches her “I Declare Me…” campaign to coincide with the release.

“I Declare Me…” is a focused look into the continuation of empowerment of women across the United States. The campaign gives women an opportunity to share their testimonies on Ashanti’s website. Women will openly declare their own freedoms from career, birth, death, relationships, personal situations, and etc.

“I Declare Me…” also allows woman to virally discuss with Ashanti such issues as voter registration, teen obesity, and other concerns facing women today. “I Declare Me…” will run enter to win contests featuring personal touches from Ashanti.

“The Declaration” is an enduring expression of the importnance of this movement for Ashanti. Her album is a chronicled memoir which takes fans, women and men through her personal pilgrimage.

“I’ve been through it all,” says the New York native – positively glowing behind her trademark smile. “You reach a stage in your career where you say ‘I’ earned more than just the stats and awards, I’ve earned a shot to step out and really put my own stamp on things.’ That’s where I’m at. I came at this record with a real sense of freedom, but tempered by all the experience I’ve gained. Not many female artists have been on the kind of rollercoaster ride I have. It’s a place you reach only by getting there, if you know what I mean. This album is really the product of my journey.”